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Dan King


First and foremost, is intentionally a .NET. We strive to provide a place of Christian fellowship and community (a network) where people can connect over the three main activities of a bibledude:

(1) READ. Everything we do is built upon the world view of Biblical Christianity. That means we believe that understanding the Word of God is absolutely crucial to understanding the world and our place in it.

(2) PRAY. We serve a personal God, and we believe that we are able to connect with Him. These connections can come through prayer, worship, and reflection. It is in this place of spiritual practice that we believe we experience a great deal of personal growth.

(3) SERVE. James teaches us that “faith without works is dead.” We serve not out of obligation or to earn our salvation, but in response to the Love that’s been poured out for us. We believe that through serving others we can reach a lost and dying world.

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